Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Makin' It Pop!

So now you've started working on some posts, but you want more than just words. You want images! And video!

Adding Images
Throughout my posts I've added two types of images; images that I have saved on my computer (eg all the screen shots I've shown), and images that I have taken from Flickr (with Creative Commons licenses).

How to add photos from your computer
  • In the toolbar is an 'Add Image' icon (see image below), click on it
  • A window opens up and you do the following
  1. Click 'Browse...' and then select the image file from your computer's hard drive.
  2. Choose the layout. Do you want the image centered or to the left or right?
  3. Choose the size.
  4. Upload Image.
For some reason my uploaded images always appear at the top of my post. I simply cut (ctrl x) and paste (ctrl v) them where I'd like them.

How to Add Photos From Flickr or Other Photo Sites

Once you find an image on another site, you want to be sure that you have the right to copy and post it. In Flickr you can search images with
Creative Commons licenses. Right click on the image and select 'Copy Image Location. Go back to your post and select the 'Add Image' icon, just like before, but this time choose 'Or add an image from the web'. Paste the image location (ctrl v) in the box, do steps 2 - 4 from above and viola, you get a lovely image like the one below (flickr typewriter typo?! by bitzi) . Don't forget to attribute the photo to the photographer and provide a link back to the site from where you got the image.

Photo by Richard Hook
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License
An easier way to deal with the whole Creative Commons search and proper attribution is to use Simple CC flickr Search which provides you with an embed code which will automatically put in the attribution info. Once you find a photo you like on Simple CC flickr Search, click on it and copy the embed code. Come back to your post and select the 'Edit Html' tab. Insert the code where you'd like the photo to be. That is how I did the image to the right.

What About Video?
If you find a great video from YouTube (works very similarly with other video sites) you can embed it in your post as follows.
  • Once you've selected the video you like, click on 'Customize' found to the left of the YouTube TV screen.
  • Now do the following
  1. Select 'Don't include related videos'. This allows you to avoid having skanky videos promoted on your blog.
  2. Choose whether to have a border and decide on the colour
  3. Copy the embed code (ctrl c)
  • Now go back to your post, click on the 'Edit Html' tab and paste (ctrl v) the embed code where you want the video to show up. Below is one of my kids' favourite videos.

The embedded video won't be visible in the post editor unless you click on 'Preview' (just below the 'Compose' tab. Just click 'Hide Preview' to get back to the compose mode.

You Rock!
Now, go out there and add images, add video, don't break copyright, and be home before midnight ;-) And know that you truly rock!


Sarah Stewart said...

Nice set of resources, Claire. How did you feel the workshop went?

Blogger In Middle-earth said...

Tēnā kōrua Claire and Sarah!

@Sarah - I'll second that. I have a few friends and colleagues who are considering starting a blog. For those that choose Blogger, these resources would be a great place to begin.

@Claire - Fantastic resources! I'm glad you didn't take me too seriously when I queried the video you posted on blogging :-) an excellent starting spot for any would-be-blogger.

Ka kite
from Middle-earth

Claire Thompson said...

@Sarah - I'm exhausted, but I'd say the workshop went well. The turn out was lower than I'd expected, but that was probably a good thing! There were eight participants, most of them new to blogging, and I felt like I was able to help everyone without being run ragged or having people wait forever for me to get to them. I'm going to post my reflections in the next day or two. Thanks again for sharing your resources and your reflections on your blogging workshop.

- thanks for the compliment!
- re: the video--I feel that I know pretty well from the comments you have left with me and elsewhere so I realized that it was not an attack; I enjoyed having to justify my choice!

Betty-Ann said...

As someone who attended the workshop, I think it went very well! I've already passed along the link to this blog to two friends that I persuaded to try blogging. I think most teachers just aren't familiar with it, especially in an educational context. I'm setting mine up to be a classroom resource for parents (since my students are too young to do it on their own).

Claire Thompson said...

@betty-ann, thanks for the positive feedback! My hope was that this series of posts would be helpful to anyone starting out blogging.

By the way, your blog looks great! the slide show in the right side-bar works really well.