Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blog Layout

You'll notice that your blog looks pretty plain, and you'll probably want to add items to your sidebar(s). So again, you're going to have to get to your blog management tools. If you are viewing your actual blog, make sure you are signed in and then click customize. You're back to this screen.
This time you are going to select the 'Layout' tab and then 'Page Elements'.

The 'Gadgets' are the different types of items you can have in your sidebars and footer. Clicking on any 'Add a Gadget' boxes that I've got arrows to will bring up a new window with all the different gadgets you can choose from.

I've circled 3 of the key gadgets that I think every blog should have.
  • The Text gadget allows you to enter any text you would like. This is a good place to tell readers a little about you and your blog. When readers are deciding whether to subscribe to your blog, this might be the key to winning them over. In the sidebar for this blog I used the text gadget for 'About This Blog'.
  • The Feed gadget allows you to put an RSS link on your blog, just like the one at the top of my sidebar.
  • The Labels gadget is useful because it lists all the labels or tags you've used in your posts. If you wanted to read all of the posts I've written for blogging 101 you can just click on it in the Labels section of my sidebar.
There are other fun gadgets available so do a bit of exploring!

Up Next...
In the next post I will describe how you write up a post and publish it.

This is post #8 in the 'blogging 101' series.

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