Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Great Blog Search

Before we focus on creating your own blog, it would be helpful to check out blogs on topics that interest you. So how do you find blogs of interest? Here are a couple of different methods that I've found useful.

Do A Blog Search
  • Google Blog Search is similar to a regular Google search, but it just looks for blogs with the search terms you choose.
  • Technorati also searches blogs. Just type in your search terms in the search bar in the banner.
  • Bloglines. As with Technorati, type in your search terms in the search bar in the banner.
Leapfrog From A Blog You Already Like

Photo by Thomas Hawk
Attribution-NonCommercial License

  • If you've found a blog you really like, the blog author will often have a list of blogs to which they subscribe in one of their sidebars. Checking these out is a good place to start as they come recommended! You can check out the blogs I subscribe to under Blogs I Read in the right sidebar. Most of the ones I've listed are edublogs; blogs written by public school or university educators.
  • Sometimes you'll read a comment on a blog from someone whose ideas you find interesting. If they've linked their blog to their comment just click on their name or icon to go to their own blog.
Don't Forget!
If you've just found a great blog, for Pete's sake, bookmark it! Better yet, tell us about it by leaving a comment on this post. Tell us the name of the blog and blog address and maybe a brief description (eg cool math blog with lots of lesson ideas). To figure out how to comment, go here. I'll explain in the next few posts how to keep track of your favourite blogs.

Now, on to the next post!

This is post #3 in the 'blogging 101' series.

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