Friday, April 25, 2008

Google Really Is Telepathic

At the VSS talk I mentioned that Google is always updating and making changes to their on-line applications. I suggested that all you had to do was wish for a change and it soon would appear.

Presentation Speaker Notes
When we were working on our presentation last week, on more than one occasion I remarked to Jodie that I wished that we could have a place to put notes about each of our slides to aid us in the presentation. I believe PowerPoint has this feature and I came across it in Zoho presentation software. Well, today I was using Google Docs and the 'New Features' tab was lit up so I thought I'd check it out--ta da! There are now speakers notes in the Presentation application in Google Docs.

Work Offline with Google Docs
Google had started to initiate a feature in Google Docs a few weeks ago whereby you can view and edit your documents offline--handy if you need to work on an important document and you have no connection. Again, we were hoping to be able to do that with our VSS presentation slides, in case the internet connection was shaky, but the option was not available on Wednesday--now it is. Cool.

All the New Features
You can check out the features I've mentioned above, plus others here. And remember, when you sign up for your Google account use your powers for good because it seems that, well, Google really is telepathic ;-)

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